Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Star Studded

Now that Jessica Simpson has shed off Lachey and his Bearcat, Reds loving persona, she films an addictive video for A Public Affair. Sure it doesn't come close to Sweetest Sin, but the similarity to Madonna's Holiday music makes it catchy. What makes this video hot is the allstar cast that Jess assembled to make the video. Jessica Simpson, Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, AND Eva Longoria. What a line up? To help you field a fantasy football line up each week with the star power this quartet has, here are my Top 10 fantasy football players for 2006.

1. Larry Johnson
2. Shaun Alexander
3. LaDainian Tomlison
4. Clinton Portis
5. Edgerrin James
6. Ronnie Brown
7. Tiki Barber
8. Lamont Jordan
9. Steven Jackson
10. Steve Smith

Monday, July 17, 2006


Time to start ranking some of the guys for those early mock drafts. Hopefully these guys will use their legs instead of their heads like Zidane. Speaking of great use of their legs check out Van Damme in this clip. This is the type of stuff that used to piss off GV at all those dances in college. If this were present time, imagine the background music set to Yung Joc.

1. Neil Rackers
2. Adam Vinatieri
3. Shayne Graham
4. Jason Elam
5. David Akers

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A New Beginning

If you don't want to be bringing in the new fantasy season like this guy brought in the new year, then start getting your draft sheets ready. Here is my updated top 10. Maybe GV will get off his butt and start doing some posts too.

1. Shawn Alexander
2. LaDainian Tomlinson
3. Larry Johnson
4. Edgerrin James
5. Clinton Portis
6. Steven Jackson
7. Peyton Manning
8. Tiki Barber
9. Steve Smith
10. LaMont Jordan

Sunday, May 07, 2006

First Impressions

Now that the draft is over, just a few impressions of how some first rounders might fair next year with their new teams. When all is said and done, don't act like this guy when these rookies don't deliver for you in Madden (warning: language not safe for work)

Reggie Bush (Saints)-Count on some special teams scores and some good highlights, but 10tds would be a stretch...think Warrick Dunn in his early years.

Matt Leinart (Cardinals)-He'll be starting by week 4 when Warner goes down and he should be at the minimum a safe start. He doesnt turn the ball over and has enough weapons to get you by every week.

Vince Young (Titans)-He should be starting by midseason too...a second stringer at this point since he may struggle with his reads and cant outrun everyone. Leinart is the safer fantasy pick.

Jay Cutler (Broncos)-Probably wont see the field but has ok potential as a keeper. Not worth a draft pick unless Plummer goes down.

Vernon Davis (49ers)-This guy is the real deal and I would expect at least 8 TDs from him this year. This guy might slip under the radar with a lot of other high profile TEs out there but this guy has the luxury of being the only passing option on his team.

Santonio Holmes (Steelers)-Great long term potential but the Steelers like to work the ball around. Even without Randle-El its hard to imagine Holmes making a large impact...could help you as a 4th receiver.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Race for the Roses

... Roses
... Big hats
... Cigars
... Bo Derek
... And yes, a $1,000 mint julep

The Kentucky Derby is here. Below are my top three finishers for this year's big race. So go grab the funniest hat you own out of your closet, mix up a refreshing mint julep in your favorite plastic tumbler you brought home from a baseball game you attended three years ago, sit back and relax while you enjoy one of the best two minutes of the year.

First Place: AP Warrior

Second Place: Lawyer Ron

Third Place: Brother Derek

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where have we been?

Agent GV has awoken with two major posts, but the beginning of this video shows what I had to do to wake him up.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jordan vs. Bird

I remember when this game came out around 1992 and a few of my friends and I would gather around that NES system to play. Of course you would blow into the cartridge to remove dust (what a bogus myth) and start the system up. It seemed everyone would line up to be Michael Jordan. They preferred the aerial style attack of Jordan over the finesse play of Larry Bird. I on the other hand, a Celtics fan, would gladly take Larry Bird and his money three pointer from the corner. Sure, dunks are nice to see and brings excitement to the game, but I would rather bask in victory. Guys would always try to blow by Bird on the baseline and one hand dunk and while that worked 1 out of 3 times, I would simply take the rebound, take a couple steps back to the arc and fire off that tre. Easy points. Those were the good old days. Now it's Lebron vs. Kobe. And with the NBA Playoffs set, here are my picks to win.

Milwaukee vs. Detroit: Detroit Pistons because I want to see Kid Rock in the stands.
Chicago vs. Miami: I really want to pick the Bulls, but the Miami Heat turns on the afterburners in the playoffs.
Indiana vs. New Jersey: New Jersey Nets because I went up to Jermaine O'Neal in Disneyland last summer and he blew me off.
Washington vs. Cleveland: Washington Bullets... errr... Wizards because they are all offense and the Cavs Donyell Marshall ruined my fantasy team.

Sacramento vs. San Antonio: San Antonio Spurs featuring Eva Langoria
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix: Phoenix Suns as long as Steve Nash is healthy.
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Denver: Los Angeles... Clippers?
Memphis vs. Dallas: Dallas Mavericks and monkey boy Mark Cuban jumping everywhere.

East Conference Semis:
Detroit vs. Washington: Detroit Pistons are just too good.
New Jersey vs. Miami: Miami Heat

West Conference Semis:
San Antonio vs. Dallas: Dallas with great playoff coaching by Avery Johnson
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix: Phoenix Suns

East Conference Finals:
Detroit vs. Miami: Miami Heat

Western Conference Finals:
Dallas vs. Phoenix: Phoenix Suns

Miami vs. Phoenix

Miami Heat win.

This should be one of the more exciting playoffs we have had in the past few years. I have laid out my picks for the playoffs, but I will be cheering for a Washington Wizards vs. LA Clippers finals.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Welcome Suri!

I believe it was May 14th, 2003 when my Wednesday night's took a downhill turn. It was the night when it was revealed to the world that Joey Potter chose Pacey over Dawson. It was then night when I finally came to terms with the fact that Joey's decision making was one of the worst I have ever seen. For six seasons I could not admit to myself that Joey was this bad. It was her crooked smile and small town looks that had me look past this flaw - the hopes that she would turn six seasons of agony into happiness in one night by choosing Dawson. Well some much for those hopes.
Few years later, Joey continues to disappoint by dropping American Pie's "Suck Me Beautiful" for Jerry Maguire. Now they welcome Baby Girl Suri. Congratulations to both Katie and Tom on your new baby.
After sitting quietly for three months, Scandalous Sports will resume with baseball insights and the occasional football insights as Draft Day approaches and summer camps open. I tell you, it's been one hectic first quarter for Flying Dagger and myself. Whether it was work or after hours, our lives were inundated with madness. So I'll open up my baseball predictions for division, wildcard, and world series winners.
Yeah, I know it's two weeks past the season opener, but you just have to understand all the mud FD and I had to deal with. Anyhow, here are the winners:

American League
West: LA Angels- the A's are the fancy pick, but I just think the Angels are better built to last the rigors of a full season.
Central: Chicago White Sox- Good pitching, great coaching and the Indians are still young to claim the division crown.
East: New York Yankees- Their pitching will come around.
Wild Card winner: Cleveland Indians- this team will make a run just like the Indians of the mid 1990's team. The A's have a tough September schedule and will miss out as Boston and Cleveland battle for that wildcard.

National League
West: Pick em... just kidding. The San Francisco Giants- They may be old, but they will benefit from this and take the West.
Central: Houston Astros- because they are my favorite team. And because they will acquire a good pitcher before the trade deadline to bolster their rotation. That reminds me, I have to call Roger again later today.
East: Atlanta Braves- This team is still in winter hibernation. As soon as they wake up, they will be good enough to win this division. The Mets should consider bringing back Al Leiter if they are serious about making a run.
Wild Card winner: St. Louis Cardinals- They will win every single home game because Pujols will go 3-4 with multi homer games. But the road trips will be a different story.

World Series
New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros

Houston wins!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Year of the Dog

Happy belated Chinese New Year to all! I ventured over to my old college town this weekend for some great Michael's Pizza and a haircut from my favorite salon. While waiting for my haircut, I realized the Chinese new year partying must have continued all through the morning as firecrackers were popping everywhere. Kids and adults were walking around tossing those little poppers at each other's feet. All this scene needed was a little Sister Christian playing in the background.
2006 is the Year of the Dog and I'm telling you right now, betting on a dog, an underdog, this weekend will pay out for you. The Seahawks are a 4 point underdog right now and are not getting any love from the media. Everyone is focused on poster boy Rothlisberger and how The Bus will make it's final stop where it all started. The Steeler nation has flooded the streets of Detroit, but I'm telling you that the power of Starbucks will prevail as the Seahawks will pull the upset. I believe the Seahawks have a better running game than the Steelers and can play action as well as the Steelers. Playing indoors on turf should benefit the Seahawks offense more than the Steelers.
I'm looking forward to a great game this weekend, especially after the blowouts we witnessed in the Conference Championship games. I also can't wait to see more commercials too.

On another note, I finally saw Friday Night Lights last night. It was a good, entertaining movie. Though I can't see how a team the size of Permian almost pulled the upset against what seemed to be then the future offensive line of the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl run team. Good movie, I give it a rating of 3.5 on a 1-5 scale.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

2 Weeks Of Hype

It was an interesting day at my place on Sunday. Agent GV managed to puncture a hole in my wall while attempting a Kobe Bryant like fadeaway with a dart during a game of cricket. It was a bad day overall for GV with his picks and failure to recognize Jay Hernandez. But at least he learned who Alex Ovechkin is.

On to the game, I reserve the right to change later but for now we're going Steelers 24 Seahawks 17.